How to Give Back to Your Local Community

Giving back to the community is a powerful ingredient in the recipe for sound well-being and a healthy lifestyle. Without it, people try to find the meaning and purpose of life in some aspects such as material accumulation- albeit shortlived. The best thing about giving is that you don’t necessarily require money to do it. Your time, your effort, and even your attitude can make a big difference in someone’s life.
If you are looking for ways to support the local community- these are the people that supported you or have been part of your life- here are some of the best ways to do it.

1. Volunteer in Local Activities
Volunteering in community-based activities is a great way to help and interact with others. There are many opportunities to help, some of which are actually enjoyable. You just need to find something that interests you. Spend at least one hour thinking what interests you and check the local listings or websites for such activities.

Even if you don’t find something that interests you, you can create one and mobilize the locals. By participating in something that you really enjoy, you will be giving your best.

2. Have a Collection for Local Charity
You can decide to be setting aside some money each week, each month, or on the quarterly basis and be giving it to the local charity at the end of the year, or whichever frequency that suits you. Encourage your children to be saving some cash or giving their dolls to support the less fortunate. Consider celebrating each new year by giving to the local charity the last years savings.

Even if you can’t afford to be setting aside some cash, you can organise a walk to support a charitable activity. In every community, there must be someone in need. It might be a kid who goes to school on an empty stomach, a parent battling his/her health and struggling to feed the kids or a homeless person.

Whichever the need, there are many avenues you can raise the funds including social media sites and ‘ Go Fund Me’ platform. If you are a business owner and you have an office where other businesses and clients frequent, consider having a collection for the local charity near the office door. It is an effective way to encourage employees and clients to contribute to the local causes.

3. Start a Private Scholarship
Every year, many students graduate from high school and look on to college. Unfortunately, some of them have the will, but don’t have the means. Setting aside some cash to support them is a great way to give back to your community. To some of these kids, education is their only hope.

If you can’t afford to support them, consider partnering with the local businesses. They can be sponsoring your efforts as you take care of the application, selection, and administration.

4. Volunteer at a Local Hospice
Some hospitals allow volunteers to visit patients to talk to them and cheer them up. Offering a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to, and a smile to brighten them can make a difference to those in pain. Call the local hospital and inquire if there is such a program. Be advised on who to visit and the refreshments to carry.



5. Fill a Need
Where there is a felt need in your community, be there to fill it. There is plenty of opportunities. For the sports enthusiasts, you can start a youth basketball program, an environment awareness program to be planting trees and doing the cleanups, a motivation program to be motivating the school kids, and others.

6. Visit the Seniors and Veterans
If there is a home for seniors or disabled veterans in your area, make a point to visit them. You can still visit them in their homes. Many of them really appreciate having someone to talk to. Simple acts such as taking the trash out or going to grocery can make a big difference.