How to Control Scorpions

Dealing With a Scorpion Infestation?

Living in Phoenix might be a rewarding experience. Although if you have scorpions in your home then you may not be that relaxed with all the comforts and facilities. Scorpions in Phoenix can truly create complications in your day to day life. Therefore, whenever you find any sign of a scorpion’s presence you need to go through all efforts to get rid of them.

Scorpions are usually easily visible but may be very harmful, particularly the bark species. These types are light brown and grow to be about 3 inches long. They generally prefer dry climates and appear in large numbers during the warmer months. These species are nocturnal and hunt small insects such as beetles and roaches. If you have more pests in your home, then it’s a good idea to remove them first. However, control efforts require knowledge and skill, so don’t try to eliminate pest populations without the help of professional pest control service. Any mistake in handling poisonous creatures may result in a painful, if not lethal, sting.

Scorpions PhoenixHow to get rid of scorpions

Prevention is better than a cure. You can take some precautions to prevent the appearance of the scorpions. It is not difficult; you Just need to follow them diligently to make a better and safer place for you and your family.

  • Get rid of garbage. Remove any piles of debris, garbage, and/or damaged wood from your home and surroundings areas; scorpions can hide in those places and come out at night.
  • Maintain your landscape. You will have to maintain your landscape properly to avoid the appearance of the scorpions. You should cut the grass regularly.
  • Find the food source! You need to find out the food source of the scorpions. If there are any remove them completely to control the scorpions. Without food they will not be able to survive.
  • Sealing openings and cracks–You should seal all the cracks, openings, and crevices of your home to help prevent them from hiding in those places or gaining entry from them.
  • Protect your toes! As scorpions come out at night you should wear shoes at all times to avoid stepping on any unseen/unnoticed scorpions.
  • Be careful while going through clothes and towels, scorpions can hide in your clothes and towels. You should not leave them on the floor and make sure that you are checking it properly before use.
  • The use of a black light may help you to identify scorpions at night.

Those are a few effective ways to prevent the appearance of the scorpions and to control them You can try any or all them to get results. Although if you find it difficult to control them after following all the above steps then you may require the help of the professionals.

Why do you need a professional pest control service?

Professionals are skilled and experienced They have received a special training to deal with scorpions and other unwanted critters. They understand the nature of scorpions and know how to control them. They will not only help you to get rid of them, but they will also destroy the sources to prevent them from coming back. They have the required tools and experience. They can handle the situation in a better way. Although you will need to hire an experienced, reliable, licensed, and insured service to get the best results. You may need to spend a little more for such great service, but it is worth spending.

Places Known for High Scorpion Populations

Downtown Phoenix, because it’s so developed, has a lower scorpion counts than more sparsely populated areas. Though, in 2017, bark scorpions have been a problem around the Arizona State Fairgrounds and the Phoenix airport. Don’t let that scare you from visiting, though! Extermination efforts have been underway since early spring.