Installation of Artificial Turf in Your Yard in Phoenix

Artificial Turf Phoenix

Artificial Turf: A Low-Maintenance Option

In order to reduce the maintenance cost of natural grass, artificial turf was first of all used on sports fields. Another reason of using artificial grass on sports field was its ability to resist the heavy traffic expected in sports in routine.

But today, large numbers of homeowners all over the world prefer to use artificial turf on their lawns and backyards to save money and time required for maintaining natural grass. Installation of artificial turf in Phoenix is becoming popular among homeowners since last few years due to its ease of maintenance.

Advancements in Artificial Grass Manufacturing

The artificial turf used these days is considered to be third-generation turf since it was created fifty years ago for the construction of the Astrodome. The artificial grass people use today includes infilled mixture of recycled rubber and sand as compared to the first generation turf which included without infilled short piles of fiber. For this reason, the look and feel of first generation artificial grass was not as good as of the latest generation.

The advancements in the manufacturing of artificial turf, from the first generation to third generation versions, mean families can play and relax on it comfortably. In fact, the installation of artificial turf not only makes yards look good for many years to come but also increase the value of your property when the time comes to sell.

Advantages of installing artificial turf 

  • Time savings – no need to spend time mowing or edging
  • Lower cost of maintenance than natural grass
  • Installation of artificial grass reduces the cost of maintenance since no fertilizer; lawn irrigation systems, or water are required to maintain its looks. Certain seasonal expenses like seeding and aerating can also be avoided after installation.
  • Water usage is decreased
  • It can be used for years due to its durability
  • Low risk of pest infestation
  • The availability of artificial turf in a variety of sizes and natural colors makes it difficult to choose a right one.
  • It is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions in Phoenix due to its tough construction.

Artificial turf can be installed in the yard of your home to improve its looks along with increasing the value of your property. But before hiring an installer, check their insurance coverage and license to ensure the quality of their work.

Although artificial turf has many benefits, it is good to also consider potential disadvantates

  • A ground with artificial turf can encourage infestation and breeding of various bacteria.
  • It is difficult to install natural grass after installing artificial turf.

Where to See Examples of Synthetic Grass Near Phoenix

This is a popular option in dry Phoenix, where the heat and direct sunlight tend to fry natural lawns. It’s also a low-cost, low-maintenance option for local golf courses. Neighborhoods such as Del Monte and Encanto Meadows feature synthetic grass on their front lawns, so next time you’re out-and-about, take a look at other homes in your area that provide examples before committing to the change yourself.